Want to buy: Ipollo G1

This is going to be a long shot but I am in the market for an iPollo G1. Is anyone here selling one or know where I might be able to procure one directly from China?

  • I’ve asked iPollo (they’re out and have no plans to produce any more at this time) and some other resellers but it’s out-of-stock everywhere I’ve checked so far.
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Last time, I saw Nhash selling used G1 quite cheap, now the page is not found like ipollo. I suggest to buy multiple G1-mini, better to resell and troubleshoot.

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You can buy Ipollo G1 on Aliexpress

I did see a couple of sellers on Aliexpress but the prices were quite high… also I’m a little skeptical buying from Aliexpress

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Price is around $10k, which is reasonable.
1 G1 is x36 G1 mini. $300 * 36 = $10800

For most of the past year, most in stock sellers were offering used G1s at < $3.5k each. This distributor is still offering at that price. https://apextomining.com/product/bitcoin-bch-miner-ipollo-g1-42gps-s-2/

Personally, I’d prefer to buy from Nhash, since I have XP dealing with them, but they delisted the G1 within the past month or so. I emailed them yesterday to see if they have any in stock that are unlisted, but no response yet.

As far as hashrate is concerned:
G1 = 30x G1-mini


Interesting. That’s mean G1 is x3 more profitable than buying the same hashrate of G1 minis.
And you return your investment in only 6 months, that’s highly profitable mining then.

I can find you a new ipollo g1. write to me personally

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Thanks, yeah I saw it on NHash’s site at one point… let me know if they get back to you with good news!

I will send you a private message.

@Unclefek Sent you a PM!

Its been some days, but no response from Nhash or Unclefek yet. See response from APEXTO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. regarding their G1 listing.
Screenshot 2024-01-25 170859

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Dang… it was too good to be true; that is very unlucky. I asked Ipollo if they were making anymore G1s in the near future or if they had plans for next-gen Grin miners but was advised no for both for the foreseeable future.

I want to 3-6x my current graphrate from 18 to 100+ Gps but would like to avoid the hassle of deploying 80+ G1 minis :sweat_smile:

If Grin was in the dollar range, we’d probably have multiple manufactures offering next gen ASICs.

Ya, same, I want to have weeks of Grin accumulated by 2029. I’m dealing with 56x G1-mini and they’re a beeyotch. For some reason, on my local power grid, if the power flickers for a fraction of a second, it will reset half the units to their default bios settings. Some quit mining and require a manual reboot, but most keep mining but are pointed to iPollo’s pool at gaeapool.com. I’ve never mined there, I’m only on 2miners lately. So if someone knows how to make bios settings stick, even after a micro second power loss, that would be quite the boon. I spent 2h+ yesterday dealing with manual reboots and control panel configs cuz our power kept going out intermittently, never for a full second, just very fractional microsecond outages, but each time causes full scale havoc. Doesn’t matter if it’s 120V or 220V feed, if power goes out locally, then it risks resetting the bios. I suppose the best solution is to deal with 3x G1 instead of 90x G1-minis. My G1-minis and 1x full scale G1 that are on a different power grid an hour away never have that problem after a power loss. I’m thinking it’s surge related.

I’ve tried to find hosting for G1s, but everyone I’ve approached has dodged. Seems they only know bitcoin, so I’ve found one fellow locally ready to collab, just waiting on me to source the G1s, and another who needs to sell a sports car before he can retrofit a building for mining.

From X-ON mining.
Screenshot 2024-01-25 195608

Seller lists as in stock on their website for < $3.5k, but this is false. Scroll to bottom for list of vendors. iPollo G1 profitability | ASIC Miner Value

Yup, this is precisely what I want to avoid. It’s the more tedious option and I’d need to program some management tool that would allow me reboot, manage each of the mini’s from anywhere.

I can make you the same offer if you’re interested; my electricity rate is ~0.08-0.09 USD.

I am already hosting a testnet G1 mini for the community but can also host 1-3 G1s in my home. Plus another 5-10 or so in a storage unit.

Get a UPS (temporary battery backup you plug into) or three?

Right, I did think of that, a big fat battery, but it’s 56x G1-mini, and I’m ordering at least 67x G1-mini soon. Regardless, no longer necessary. The solution is to overwrite the firmware using a micro SD card. I had upgraded the firmware by Ethernet, which is a big no-no that resulted in virtually all units having the red fault LED lit at all times. iPollo support provided this solution btw, they said that there were too many files that can only be overwritten by TF card. I was running the latest G2.54 on all units, but almost all had red fault lit, and almost all were susceptible to pool config wipes upon power loss. After upgrade, no red fault LEDs are lit, just the solid green LED for normal. Haven’t had a power outage yet, but manually unplugging for cleaning and fan replacement has not reset the pool configs, so appears resolved.

iPollo had sent the firmware to me by email attachment, since their download link doesn’t function.

For the latest iPollo G1 series firmware download: version G2.54
Requires micro SD (TF) card. This is the recommended method for upgrading firmware. Upgrading by Ethernet will only overwrite certain files which can result in faults (red light indicator remaining on). One confirmed major fault being that a power outage can reset/erase your pool configurations.

The latest firmware is also provided in this G1-mini fan listing:

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so you plan to build your own makeshift G1 with the G1 mini chips and then use the G2 firmware to make it work? :thinking:

What G2 firmware?

Will deconstructing the G1-minis to form a singular ASIC achieve any of the following?

  • increase hash
  • save time
  • improve reliability (reduce downtime)
  • reduce cost
  • improve resale value

If not, then why do that? Has anyone done this? If so, what did they gain?

Nevermind, please ignore that. I misunderstood some context in the previous few messages and got confused lol.