iPollo G1-Mini - Refusing to Warranty DOA Miners

Well. Title says it all. I’ve been back and forth with iPollo support and they simply stopped replying. 2 of my 6 G1-Minis are mining at a severely reduced rate. After sending them a number of screen shots to show them the severely reduced hashrate, reflashing the firmware, etc, this is what their support sent me:

“Regarding the failure of these two machines, you have no way to disassemble the machine to deal with it. You need to replace the hashboard to solve it. So after you disassemble the machine, there is no warranty”

I never opened up my miners, said I did, brought up opening my miners prior to this.

I think they are literally telling me that they won’t warranty their products because doing so would void the warranty…wtf kind Joseph Heller nightmare is this?


No surprise here, other than they were responding to you. Most everyone’s G1-mini OEM PSUs have died, they have a deliberately crippled/broken website with missing SSL, & they don’t respond to order inquiries. Having doubts that iPollow will follow through with the 20% donation to the Grin dev fund as promised.

My 5x G1-mini are all maintaining the advertised hash on the miner software side, but hash varies wildly on the pool side (Grinmint). At least it doesn’t seem like any of our G1-mini ASICs have died. With Grin price climbing higher, maybe another ASIC manufacturer will step up soonish.


Yes, same here. This is because of the relatively large portion of invalid shares produced by the G1, they account for 0-15% all shares.
The F2pool appears to show matching hash rate with the miner, either they use a moving average for invalid shares, or as I suspect, they simply show the total amount of shares.