IPOLLO GRIN G1-Mini Miner Prototype

The minis are a great way to start if you are interested in grin, rather than buying $1000 of grin and having it sit in a wallet or on an exchange. You get regular small payments, support grin by adding some graph rate, and you will be transacting regularly.
Yes you can make more money if you build a rig and mine another coin. You won’t get much for $1k though.

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It’s about the journey, man. :pray:

Thanks for the input. I can spend more than 1k but the issue I’m running in to is the power supply from the panel in the home. I am renting and can’t have a 30a circuit put in the home because I don’t own it. So I thought an ipollo might be a decent choice until I retire and move to my final home that I will own. Getting on the ipollo website or getting in touch with someone in general is really tough. I would even just buy a G1 but am unsure if I need the 30a circuit or not. Not enough data on the internet for a new guy like me to decide. If I could run a bunch of GPUs or ASICs on 120v, I would do it. Maybe I could use an inverter?

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All of your questions would be answered in this telegram group.

NHASH iPollo G1/G1 mini Miners For GRIN MimbleWimbleCoin MWC
Welcome to NHASH’s official group.

NHASH is a professional mining company which is providing miners and hashrate to the global market.


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Hey thanks, Matt. I will certainly check that out. I am seeing that NHash is a scam? I started looking at the BTC cloudmining and tried to go to nhash.io and it is no longer available. Everything I’m seeing (Reddit and other forums) says it’s a scam. Thank you everyone for being patient with me.

Hey no problem, it’s nhash.net the other one is a scam.