We drilled the 500 rank!

Grin s has a demand problem,obvious.

90% of the exchanges do not support slatepack deposits is the reason for this ranking

What did you expect from a coin that’s barely 2% into its soft total emission?

There’s $35,000 of daily demand for Grin.

onwards to rank 600! Just kidding. In this Bull-Cycle Grin has the disadvantage of being a privacy coin and also being grilled by most exchanges who did not implement slatepacks.
However with Grin v.5 things should get better soon. Grin is easy and nice to use now - no comparison to before. see Pep Talk for one sided transactions - #71 by Grundkurs

its not emmission its lack of demand.

I like shitcoin projects how can quickly adopt just look at the
transaction fee on ETH and in a month the competition was able to create a crosschain like BSC, Avalanche … and Grin is not even able to force the exchange to support Slatepack

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Looking at GRIN’s market cap, we seem to be doing well.

It isn’t cool anymore. That only lasts for a hot second now. Then it’s on to the next vegetable meme. This space sucks, it’s about to get way worse with creator tokens. As they have attention capital built in. VC’s all love this, because they only represent the mission of making money. And creator tokens do not have the distribution problem that everything else has here–which it why it all gets destroyed by consolidation; nobody wants it.

My argument with the demand problem isn’t about the tokenomics of Grin, but rather it’s presentation to the public. I think with some marketing we can get more attention to crypto currency buyers which would be nice for Grin’s price and market, but I think the community isn’t here for that. So if you’re speculating on Grin’s price for the next 100 years, you might fail if you’re going long. But that’s also just speculation.

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I think it was known from the beginning with an emission model like this, it was just going to be going down. And also who cares mentality. It makes complete sense in my mind. The Story of Distribution · mimblewimble/docs Wiki · GitHub

But it eliminates speculation (or greatly discourages it) And this is a problem when the only attraction here is the price. That said. Fundamentals do not matter anymore. How would you market Grin is a better question. And also, I’ve already been where you are. There is no budget for marketing, etc.

I don’t agree with this model anymore regarding fair launch. It turns the project into a beggar, and stuff you want to do becomes impossible. It’s basically just a tenet of every project now. “Fair Launch” is a trend that results in being poor, and having no money for marketing. Garbage ideas have this by default now. Intangible value rules the world. And there is no money for what you are suggesting. So it’s kind of a conversation that goes in a circle here. I see it every now and then. The best idea is already gone. And that was Igno. He also had no will to play the role he needed to play to turn Grin into the attraction it could have been.

I thought Grin was completely absurd, until I understood the narrative, and the problem with BTC. That narrative could be very hot right now. (Doge) “The people’s currency.” The Story of Distribution from Grin is playing out exactly. BTC is totally inaccessible now. I love how they write things like “the price going up means freedom is going up.” They’re so full of shit here.

Going back to sleep. Enjoy your bull run :slight_smile:

@igno.peverell should come back and lead the god damn revolution. Or somebody else will.

we lack of demand becuz of stupid mentality of exchanges ignoring Grin, they dont fear loosing Grin and its community.

Maybe GRİN community is more mature and intellectual, less passionate and no tribalist mentality. Then it is perceived as Grin coin isnt trustable enough like other stupid projects. We own the mentality but we cant show our passion to others. They are not convinced.

Grin dont deserve this humiliation.