One more user for GRIN

Hi, I succeeded making a friend buy few thousands of GRIN. First time IRL :slight_smile: I was going to perform the purchase for him when I saw that volume are very very low.
I expected that the price will go down over time regarding emission and people looking for only shiny projects in bull run
I expected community being hit by uncertainty
I did not expected blockchain not used ( if you look blockchain explorer) and no volume …
What I’m missing ?

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You are missing nothing. Grin is technically already a great coin to use, but ecosystem wise, grin is just started to blossom with e.g. SlateMarket:

Also you should take into account that Grin has a block time of 1 block per minute, meaning you have to bundle 10 blocks if you want to compare Grin to for example Bitcoin’s transaction volume.
Also I think many are seeing the current prices as being near the bottom, meaning I am more inclined to sit on my coins than to spend them. Seeing no volume from miners selling their grin is also i agreement with this, most think the current price is not a good one to sell, meaning they think grin is currently undervalued. These are just my speculations though, I am sure there are alternative interpretations possible.


I also find the discord :), glad to see some activity