Time to sell Grin?

Hey guys, what´s up?
As you can see, Grin price is now rising pretty hard.
I was thinking, if it´s not a good time to sell, because it´s quite possible it will drop after few days/weeks and will be back at its minimum. Then buy it again at these prices.
What do you think?! Thanks.

I will wait few more days until Grin will reach 10-15 , then sell about 200 Grin. I bet it will then dump back to 2,5 or even less.

If you want to try to day trade then that’s you. I look at it from more of a long term perspective, and I think long term grin has a really good chance at being in the top ten by market cap. That being said, IMO grin is extremely cheap.

Like I said though, if you want to try your hand at beating the market go ahead, and I wish you good luck and hope you do well.

Also, I like the logo drawing. Cheers.

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It’s too hard catching all those little waves without staying glued to your screen. I prefer to pick projects I think are promising when no one talks about them, HODL, then sell when they “fluff” as I call it. So much easier, life is better, and really, every non-ugly girl gets a dance invite now and then. So pick a coin, hodl, and eventually some whale will take her for a spin around the dance floor. Easy-peasy


It depends on your target, my target is x10, and can hold for more than 1 year.


thank you guys for your views, will think about it … :grin:

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I sold most om my GRINs at $5.5… I need to pay the bills. About 70 coins are laying in my local wallet waiting for crazy Xs.



I suspect you have the right of it. But yea, like others have said, day trading is a good way to potentially lose all of your money in an asset even though it is rising. You cant lose money on a rising asset if you hodl! Hodling never served me wrong with bitcoin.

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tbh at first I though it was a bubble, but now I think a price around ~$3 - $4 is probably “fair”.

No one knows the impact of the Obelisk ASICs that arrive soon and no one knows how the competition between Grin and Beam will continue. There are a lot of uncertainties, but if I was a Grin miner, I think I’d not sell below $4. So maybe now at around $5.5 there could be a bubble pop and a drop to the $3-4 range, but I don’t think it will go lower.

Of course Grin has a comparably high emission rate, but this is definitely already priced in.

So pick a coin, hodl, and eventually some whale will take her for a spin around the dance floor. Easy-peasy

You mean like, Dragonchain or Verge :smile:


Liquidity is still pretty thin across the exchanges, so price action could be just a snappy to the downside. The market also needs to absorb the oncoming supply. I don’t think $6 is sustainable for now, a healthy correction back to $2.80-$3.50 would be my expectation for the next few months. Price stability is also one of the aims of this project and i’m sure the miners will leak supply in the market at these levels, which seem high for where we are in the journey of Grin…still right at the beginning.


The time to sell is when almost nobody thinks it’s time to sell.

I actually think the unbounded supply is a strong feature. See our One Minute Crypto video for three reasons why.


If we sustain volumes at these levels, the demand will far outstrip supply. Timing the crypto market is near impossible even for pro traders. The best position to be in is hodling and accumulating for the long term. Then your happy if the price goes up, cos you make money and happy if the price goes down because you add to your position. It’s a win/win. You also have the added bonus of not freaking out if you sell and the price lurches upwards. Grin is still a very underground project and anyone in this forum is super early. It’s still only 80m market cap and a small following on telegram. If the hype cycle continues like this, albeit not in the virtues of the project, the moon boys will come and the price could soar.