Grin value - Speculators vs "It's just cash"

Saw this interesting conversation on reddit. what’s your opinion on this?


“I’m going to be watching closely as exchanges start opening up and buying up all the Grin I can get”


It’s funny to see people interested in speculating on this, when that was deliberately written out of the model. Why else would you “buy up all the Grin you can get?” I would recommend that you listen to YeastPlume at the end of his interview on What Bitcoin Did. If gains are what you’re looking for, you came to the wrong place. Grin is cash.

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hahaha, the dude in your link " WarlockMageTroll" (it says troll, do you see?) is just saying that cause he probably wants to keep others from buying Grin so he can buy more.
I will get my hands on a lot of GRIN that’s for sure. If it’s to be used as cash it got to have some value, which is up to the market to decide… I’m pretty sure over the years it’s going to be great to own Grin coins. Rarely have I seen so much excitement for a cryptocoin. Anyway it will be most interesting to time your purchases, more so than “does it make sense to speculate on Grin” the question should be “when is the best time to buy” IMO
just my two grins

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The devs can say they are anti-speculation as much as they want, it won’t change the market or the basic reality that old currencies are all in the hands of states, who people like me hate; if coins work as I expect and replaces old currency the gamble is basically an infinite payout with a multi-decade maturity time frame.

What the speculation market is doing is subdividing the risk and payout time across as many people as people are willing to play, including people simply vaguely aware of my politics and think “greater fool thoery” is sound investment. As markets always do; thats the point of a many parts of finance, to subdivide bad incentive curves into linear slices. And infinite money decades from now if and very small group of people are right, isn’t a game most people want to play for reasons that are not related to how good of a bet it is; the ecosystem will make the game more palatable for the general public and take a large cut for its service.

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The emission rate of Grin is exactly the same as Bitcoin for the first 4 years, then only 33% different after 8 years. People assuming there’s not going to be speculators because of Grin’s monetary policy are extremely naive. At the end of the day it all boils down to supply vs demand and there is only a finite amount of Grin per day, per week, per month and per year. If you haven’t noticed already Grin has lots of VC interest, and no VC has beable to get a slice yet( Grin didn’t pre-sell 5 million USD worth of coin like BEAM and there’s no dev fee built into Grin’s block reward). So the only option is to 1) mine, 2 ) buy on market once mainnet goes live.


The emission rate does matter, it’s not naive.

If your game thoery isn’t timeless, your decades behind the times and protip poeple plan ahead.

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