Let grin go to zero

When Grin was founded, I thought it was a utopia in the electronic world, but I didn’t expect that it would be full of people who make a name for itself in the end.

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Satoshi Nakamoto may be disappointed

What are you talking about? Is this yet another unfounded FUD post, like some of your previous post?
Sorry but simple attempts like that to influence the price will not work :joy:.

Grin is not a shit coin of which the price can be influenced by shilling and FUD.

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You are the kind of member I hate the most. Others say something bad is to spread FUD. Look at this shit coin.Does anyone buy it

You did not answer my question. What do you mean? Which people are you talking about.


If you do not provide arguments, it sounds like FUD. So please explain what you mean with your post, who, what, why?


which kind is second?
Why not let every coin go to zero at the same time.
Or maybe just let the 1 go 2 3

Completely agree with your. Started minng on genesis block. after mining BTC, LTC and XMR for years. I can tell you with some certainty, Grin is the real deal.