Inflation is FUD but its real FUD

i genuinely believe this project has some use case.
Private transactions, fast, scalability and multiple methods of transaction, Grin should be a top 100 coin or at least with in single digits of Monero on CMC.
I’ve been posting on /biz/ to make more people aware of the project and the number one response is “inflation grin is shit”.
Ive mentioned that coin delivery schedule is the same as bitcoins but the inflation thing really brings the tone of the conversation away from Privacy to “lol shit coin going to zero”.
can any one with a decent understand of the tokenomics chime in here and give me some counter points to this FUD ?


Assuming you have read Grin’s monetary policy doc? Start by reading through the forum there are 100s of posts on this.


i was just reading one of your replies which explains the emission delivery being fairer for late adopters.
can you link me the policy doc?

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  • With constant emission you get an ever-decreasing supply inflation rate. At one year the yearly supply inflation rate will be 100%, at ten years 10%, at 25 years 4%.

  • Supply inflation is not to be confused with devaluation. Devaluation happens if and only if the supply growth is larger than the market growth. When people are talking about inflation outside of crypto and Austrian circles, they are referring to price inflation by measurements such as CPI—a completely different thing.

  • A decentralized supply is essential for financial freedom. A financial system with powerful private entities with the ability to expand and contract the money supply at will is precisely what we must liberate ourselves from. A money supply with too low inflation will eventually end up monopolized: money makes money. This is the main reason Bitcoin is a shitcoin. Grinnin’ is winnin’!


the trap i posted in the biz thread got more discussion than the coin did…

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I put together a 3-minute video to address this. I am a fan of Grin’s unbounded supply growth.


Supply rates and inflation rates are two separate things. Please spread this knowledge. GRIN has a fixed and constant supply rate, but it has an inflation rate that approaches zero (tends to zero). This means that inflation decreases over time, just like Bitcoin!

Bitcoin will only ever have 21 million coins created. Grin will only have 1 coin for every second. There is bounded inflation in both systems.

Some of us may live to see a day when circulating supply of Bitcoin is only 21 million units. We may also live to see a day when there is only 1 million Bitcoins circulating after large amounts of units get lost in some catastrophic event. The point here is speculations solely on supply is narrow minded.

Soundness of money comes from a predictable fairness. 60 Grin every minute; 1.25 Bitcoin every minute (as of writing). They both have inflation. When speculating on price, we should consider inflation rates against the rate of capital increase in the market. If there is an average of 10 USD spent to purchase 1 GRIN every second, we should expect a unit price at around 10 USD. Interestingly, Grin’s unit price reflects the average purchase of Grin per second, right now that’s 1.19 USD.

According to Pomp (

Daily transaction volumes:

- Visa does ~$30 billion
- MasterCard does ~$11 billion
- Bitcoin does ~$8 billion Bitcoin is closing the gap.

This will be the real flippening :fire:

At $30 of transactions per day, that’s $347,222 per second of volume that Visa is pushing. If we believe Grin is not only going to beat Bitcoin, but the real monster that is USD, then we should base our speculations on USD volume. From this perspective, I think Grin could be worth a lot more than $1 or even $10.

Perspective is the only thing holding Grin back. So please, stop the nonsense. If someone says something as dumb as “infinite inflation”, reply with “There is only 1 Grin every second, how is that infinite? Time is finite (your time, and the universes)!”

We use Bitcoin even though there’s inflation, and price rises. We use USD even though there is hidden inflation, and USD remains “stable”. It’s all perception. We need to perceive Grin for what it truly is: Sovereign, decentralized, freedom currency for the people without borders, hidden inflation, censorship, nor invasion of your financial privacy.



Simply compare to ETH, ETH is currently no limit

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thanks for the replies everyone.
i’ll use this information to deflect the fud’ers from spreading misinformation.

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PSA: Grin has limited inflation; 1 Grin per second. :wink:

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Not sure if 4chan is the best audience for this. but: In this post, Eric Voskuil offers a model where emissions from competitive PoW mining are not inflationary

This took me a little while to really get, but I just wanted to add that supply is bounded by your finite time as a mortal human being, there will only ever be so many grin in a persons lifetime. So the upper limit is actually what you’re able to observe at 1 grin/sec over your lifetime. Some people mentioned this to me a while back, but it never really clicked until recently for me.