What is Grin's total/max supply?

Whenever people ask this, one could answer:

Grin’s soft total supply is 3 billion.

That’s the supply reached when the yearly inflation rate drops below 1%.


Interesting. I like to think of the cap in terms of the expected lifespan of the person I’m talking to. In the long run, we’re all dead.

I like to think of it as one grin being equivalent to about 700,000 satoshi.

When grin has issued 3 billion and has a total market value as the same as bitcoin does at 50k that’s about $350 per grin.

That seems doable.

From the writing, does this mean we must wait until year 2119 before we can see similar inflation rates to Bitcoin in the year 2024? :frowning:

When does Grin’s inflation rate drop to a level where it negligibly affects price? :thinking:

With Grin it’s trivial to know when yearly inflation rate of 1/n is achieved.
After n years. If you think 2% is similar to bitcoin, then wait until 2169…

By your opinion alone, when do you think Grin’s inflation rate becomes negligible to effect price (exceeds demand)? Or do you not think much about, or concern yourself with, that?