What is Grin's total/max supply?

Whenever people ask this, one could answer:

Grin’s soft total supply is 3 billion.

That’s the supply reached when the yearly inflation rate drops below 1%.


Interesting. I like to think of the cap in terms of the expected lifespan of the person I’m talking to. In the long run, we’re all dead.

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I like to think of it as one grin being equivalent to about 700,000 satoshi.

When grin has issued 3 billion and has a total market value as the same as bitcoin does at 50k that’s about $350 per grin.

That seems doable.

From the writing, does this mean we must wait until year 2119 before we can see similar inflation rates to Bitcoin in the year 2024? :frowning:

When does Grin’s inflation rate drop to a level where it negligibly affects price? :thinking:

With Grin it’s trivial to know when yearly inflation rate of 1/n is achieved.
After n years. If you think 2% is similar to bitcoin, then wait until 2169…

By your opinion alone, when do you think Grin’s inflation rate becomes negligible to effect price (exceeds demand)? Or do you not think much about, or concern yourself with, that?

There are coins in the top ten with much larger supplies than Grin in 100 years. For example XRP with 100,000,000,000. So to me a more interesting question is, if Grin will be in the top 10 after 10 years of existence when the supply is ~315M. What will be the market capitalization then and what does that mean for the price per coin?
To me, even high inflation alone does not mean that the price cannot rise, but demand at some point needs to outpace inflation. But super high inflation rate in the early phase so far has hurt early investors.

For the foreseeable future, the supply is too small for each human to own one full Grin.

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You mean the same super high inflation rate that Bitcoin, Zcash, Ravencoin, and hundreds of other coins had in their early phase?

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Yes, I think in the very early phase, the inflation rate is too high for practical use for all of them.

Marketcap will adjust itself automatically, for example, if we estimate the current amount of m2 money is around 100 trillion dollars, then grin someday will worth 66666 USD per grin :rofl::grin:

That visualization needs updating.

Very less than sum of all Central Bank currencies in the world…

The only problem I see with anything competing with cash is that it’s not interesting. Look what’s interesting. I’m not saying it’s good. But Grin is hardly a circus. And that’s what people care about. So the other thing is that the banks are about to distribute the digital dollar. And crypto has no vectors of distribution–never did, except for exchanges, which only captured the investor class. Now you have creator tokens and NFT’s assuming these are from creators with significant attention capital. they issue their token rapidly and evenly, despite it being a boardwalk token and funhouse coin (that’s all perception modeling by the way–there is functionally no difference between their object and BTC). My point is that electronic cash is so not sexy. And has no vectors of distribution.

But Grin is meant to use in 100 years. And this is also kind of an issue, because the war for money is going to happen in the next 5/10. And I know the only way to get people interested is wealth creation. That’s all they fucking care about.

I like Grin. It’s one of the only cool things here. In my opinion. The question has always been how to make it cool. It was for an instant. You remember? “Bitcoin 2.0” etc. Hard to recapture something like that. That lighting has all transferred over to profit seeking nonsense in defi.

NFT is an easy way to generate income for digital artists. This is useful and correct.

Donations and e-commerce.

The donation niche will be occupied and already occupied by the BAT (Basic Attention Token) token. It is integrated into the Brave browser. And making a donation is now easier than ever. People love to find, not seek. And they will use what they see. And, they will see, the opportunity to use the BAT token.

Also, the average user will not keep the grin node online all the time. For some, this is simply inconvenient.

The future of grin depends on people who are or intend to do e-commerce. They need to implement payments for goods in a grin. Or all of us who can be called early adopters should start our own online business. What not everyone decides on.

As a result:

  • Using grin as donations in the near future - 0% chance
  • Using grin in e-commerce in the near future - 50% chance

The most obvious and likely option for a grin is that it will simply be mined. And thus, a grin will create a solid, basic, indestructible base on which the ecosystem will already be built. The planning horizon for a grin is very long.