Grin max supply 1,575 million?

What would be the max supply of grin in circulation?

We have around 31.5 million coins created a year and hit about 2% inflation in 50 years which means we will then have 1,575 million coins created.

If 2% of coins are lost each year would that then be the upper limit on the number of coins? (minus the coins lost in the first 50 years)

There is no max supply.

GRIN has a simply inflation rate : 1 grin per second forever.

The catch is that we never really know the loss rate for sure. In theory, if it’s a steady 2%, then your calculations are correct.

As the UX for cryptocurrencies continuously (hopefully) gets better, I would expect the loss of coins to more or less only be due to dust. A yearly 2% loss of coins seems way too high.

If a fraction 1/L of coins get lost every year, then the maximum number of non-lost coins is L times the yearly emission, but it will take much more than L years to reach that amount (you approach it in the limit).

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Or to state it using the formal notation:


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