Grin is being forked for reduced inflation!

Grin was a fun experiment, but I think it’s kind of hopeless with the huge inflation, it will slowly drop back to zero because of the infinite block reward.

I am going to try this fork of Grin and see whether this has more long-term viability:

What do you guys think?

Looks good, maybe go with 4.2% pre-mine instead. I mean Rust is no joke, believe me. As a token of appreciation, once you sell your gremlin coins, you should send Igno a bottle of his favorite premium brand eggnog for all the hard work on the failing chain. Good luck.


economics 101: inflation is a bitch

I’m torn really really torn

On one hand that coin model has me salivating on the other the devs are clearly here.

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Has there ever been a coin where the devs swapped over to a fork?

This seems like satire to me. We’ve had linear emissions, starting from zero supply, for 15 days. The chart could look like anything. Give it time.

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Honestly the coin has just launched, I have no real clue if it´s going to work out. I feel the same way as you, but I´m just going to mine it a bit and see where it goes, it´s worth a shot, Mimble Wimble is really popular now.

Have there been nonhalving based coin supplies before? As much as I’m eying it as fantastic, even I feel the drop from 6 to 3 in 3 months while starting slow seems off.

Linear dropping supply seems just super odd even if it’s an easy way to avoid the chaos halvenings cause. I feel like it will cause exopental pressure on the miners, and 5 and half years of that could cause an issue.

I think that when looking at the price charts for the last 15 days, there is more than one factor (the inflation) influencing the rise and decline of the price of grin (mining difficulty, numbers of miners, users, etc.). We’ll need more time to see the effects of linear emission (which I believe will be positive for adoption).

Grin is fully open source (which is great) so are where inevitable. Personally, I’m surprised it took two weeks to have a fork with a supply curve that reduces block rewards. With every fork, there is a comparison and therefore learning opportunity.

That second block really did grin in…

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I took the liberty and created our new whitepaper V2, I made it universal in case more projects are interested

Let’s fork!


“if you mess up the premine code, you’ll ride a bike generator hooked to a vega, mining monero for the rest of your life”

lol, too funny. a lot a great zingers in that clip, hats off to you, Photon

I actually think GRIN’s inflation rate is one of its strengths. What is to prevent GRIN miners from attacking Grimble if it is same mining algo?


Nothing wrong with forks… But lazy forks? :-/

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This fork has shit coin written all over it. Mainnet without any warning. Why would even dev want to work on this?

If we wanted a MW project with a dev fee and classic Crypto emission curve then we would get behind Beam. Not this shit.

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This looks like a rushed instamine (which is standard for non announced coins), cash grab. There was even no announcement.
I much more like what BitGrin is doing . Forked Grin with economics of bitcoin

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Your Grimble is just a Grin grumble and it will stimblestumble.

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Chart was always going to look like that at the beginning. No revelation here.

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The intended purpose of the fork is “long-term viability” however I believe that what you get is the exact opposite.

The Bitcoin-like reward with finite supply is great for early adopters but hampers long-term viability. There is a lot of incentive to mine early, but little incentive to mine now and almost no incentive to mine Bitcoin in the future. The elephant-in-the-room for Bitcoin is what happens when those first couple of millions of coins get to market.

All the fiat currencies have exponentially growing supply. Bitcoin has a finite supply. Grin is the middle ground and the most reasonable way to go. If the supply is growing linearly there is no prospect of “huge inflation” in the long term. Prove me wrong.

I believe that the deflation spiral in your fork (and in Bitcoin) is a bigger problem than the (small-in-long-term) inflation caused by the current Grin emission rate. I invest in Grin because it’s emission rate is the best it can be for long term viability. Please don’t fall for this fork. It’s not good.


After woke (, my money is on BitGrin

Unfortunately it is absolutely identical to grin inflation % for four years, so i’ll Have to stick with normal grin until 2023.

Grumble is a bitcoin cash grab.