Are you guys buying?

I mean, Grin is now pretty low.
Ofc the whole market is still in red, but Grin is even further at the bottom.
So my question is.


Sold my Lambo, buying in soon.


What do you mean by buying? Surely you mean selling Bitcoins and fiat. :wink:

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I was asking people if they´re selling when Grin was at 6$.
Too bad I didn´t sell then, now I would easily buy back 2,7k Grin.
My intuition was good, so I guess now it´s really good time to pack some bags :wink:

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Soooo? We are further down… It´s really time to buy, so buy now!

Statistically speaking I always buy high and sell low. Sorry, no can do.

market bought 3.7eth ama

What exchange do you prefer @Wolfshrike?

none of them i bought on kucoin but they’re hard work to get your coins off of using NGROK addresses.
in the end i had help from Burkett to set up port forwarding on my router and using an IP address to send my coins to my GRIN ++ wallet.

Why don´t you just use NIffler wallet ?
It´s so easy. Transferred yesterday about 170 Grin from Kucoin like nothing.

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i didn’t have niffler and wanted to use grin++ wallet

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well ok, use it , if you want to make your life more difficult.

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check out tradeOgre, can withdraw by file. I use grin++ as well.

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It’s Kucoin that makes his life difficult, not Grin++. Kucoin is the only exchange that decided to censor ngrok transactions.

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alright !
But I am using the hedwig transaction on niffler.
Has something similar also grin ++ wallet?
I found this transaction the most easy way to withdraw Grin from an exchange

ngrok is what Grin++ has been using for quite some time. It’s the same concept as Hedwig.


ok perfect! I´ll give it a try.

For a spooky treat that will make you laugh, go to coingecko and click on the ghost at RHS:

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Yes to buying Grin, as this may be the best opportunity we’ll have for accumulation. I upgraded all of my BTC to Grin in October by using what I had earned from ASIC mining. Plus, I’ve been buying with electricity by GPU mining Grin directly since the genesis block of January 15th and held all. Had to move from MWGrinPool, which closed down yesterday due to falling grin price, and chose Grinmint since they donate 0.5% to the Grin dev fund and don’t already have most of the hash. Consistent/stable earnings on Grinmint since it’s a larger pool than MWGrin was. My GPU mining results on Grinmint as of now:

They seem honest, especially considering that they reveal actual profitability compared to the top 3 largest Grin pools, which have been more profitable than Grinmint lately: