Best GRIN exchange? Where do you trade?

hi grin fans!! so I’ve been observing Grin for a long time and more actively since day 1 of mainnet launch. I was wondering where you trade. according to coingecko the highest volume at time of posting is on Hotbit, however they’re known for volume faking so I don’t trust that. I’ve been to the exchange list site but frankly I don’t really fancy the choices. Is the best place to trade right now Bisq? Unfortunately there’s not so much volume.
I kinda like the interfaces of chainrift and bibox. I also like the new Galleon exchange but I don’t like that coins are traded at a high premium price over there so I stay away. A friend of mine says tradeogre is the best atm but I’m very unsure about that one. well… before it’s on binance (soon IMO), coinbase etc… where do you trade GRIN right now (if at all)?

Thank you

I am now using BitForex, they also have zero trading fee for trading Grin.

bibox365, bitmesh, and tradeogre work great on me. is easy to sign up for and is trust worthy. Binance is a KYC scam to collect biometric data on their users.


You may use as a reference point. We provide some information on withdrawal status and trading incentives that may inflate volume.

From what we have tested, as long as you are not withdrawing Grin, the steps are much less complicated. Since most exchanges are using manual customer support to facilitate that.


Thanks. I was already aware of your site :slight_smile: I really like Coingecko, keep up the good work guys.

One request though, please deactivate or delist hotbit from your listing. Their volume is fake.

Thanks for the support, we will definitely look into this issue. We are looking for evidences to support the case.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Here you go:

There are a lot more posts on the web on their shady business, the two above are solely grin-related though

just check out their order book, looks completely weird

then on top of it, they state:

24h Volume
317869.19 GRIN

meanwhile Grin Available Supply (coingecko)

671,220 / ∞

as if on their platform half the total supply of grin is traded in daily volume… no, I don’t believe it.

Agree that the order books on Hotbit are far too thin to support their claimed volume.

500 grin in either direction would swing the price by 50% or more.

You can’t have order books that thin and support the claimed daily volume.

Thank you for adding the warning to your site.

EDIT: ouch, I just saw that you removed it… did they pay a ransom?

Bitforex. I think its’ volum is ture.

Yeah centralized exchanges that fake volume are cool and all, but I’m surprised nobody mentioned that Grin has been one of the most active pairs on Bisq - you should try there

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Grin had top quality volume all over the place today (dance party). It surpassed NEM in volume for the day.


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Yep, but no liquidity at all %-(

I suggest to have a look at

Do you need KYC on BitForex in order to withdraw??? cant find anything on the site mentioning the perks to verifying your identity… dont wanna upload BTC and then its stuck until i verify and i dont want to verify if i dont need to

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-BTC withdrawal fee is $0.77 (£0.70)
-File withdraws only
-Cheapest fees all around