Grin is now available on Bisq

Grin is now activated on Bisq.

Cyperpunk exchange for Cyperpunk coins


Hope the grin cypherpunks saddle up and make bisq the best place to trade.


I’m setting up qubes on a back up machine as we speak so I can arbitrage it for the idealism market.

I’m crossing my fingers your going to be paying a 10% cut to me but srsly its not happening, it won’t be the main exchange because reality check, this usability a nightmare. A high uptime machine that I can trust for a desktop os is not going to be pretty.

Looks like Bisq has prepared interface to trade Grin, the other exchanges that have mentioned support as far as we know are Bitforex, KKEX, Chainrift, Galleon.

In any case we are tracking development closely and will have them all tracked and integrated


First Grin trade already happened:
@coingecko Why is it not visible at your page? You use the Bisq markets api right?

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First trade:

hmmm what is my email copy of price history doing here

When I’ve tried to open the application on my PC, It says “Start running TOR browser… 1/4)” and it just dissapear. Any toughts?

tor can scare things, try white listing it on malware blocking, admin running it, etc.

All the “no computer I did mean to run this”

Where did that traded Grin come from? The genesis block?

Exactly, we should push the entire community to Bisq.


I’m going to buy some now from this guy whos offering 1000 grins.
I fix it by the way. Thnak you all!

Some AV software on Windows is blocking or even removing files. The detect that there is a Tor hidden service and flag it as malware. Try to use another AV software (AVG works as far I know) or better avoid Window for crypto at all (terribley insecure with and without AV)…

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I would be cautious now :warning:
correct me if i am wrong that the Grin blocks are still at a halt until difficulty readjusts
Is there already 1000 grins in circulation?

No idea. In Bisq the trade is done pure P2P we dont know anything about the trade details. User A sends grin from his grin wallet to user B. Bisq is not part of the grin transfer it just connects the users.

Maybe some people make self trades to test it out?

Just give me a minute to try to buy some

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There was also a trade conducted on 8 Jan. This doesn’t sound too realistic

Are you able to transfer Grin? I have not set up my wallet still… Does it require some time before coins are mature to be transferred?

The one from the 8th of January was a test trade I did.

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