Grin is now available on Bisq

From the explorers there are no Grin txs visible (no inputs). But not that familiar if that is a real indicator. But if so that first Bisq trade was a test trade of someone ;-(. Hope the first real trade will arrive soon on Bisq :wink:

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Got it, make sense. Lets hope and see!

I’ve still got an issue about adding some BTC because it says it’s not enough to secure the payment (0.01BTC)

Can you explain better? I dont know what you mean. In Bisq you need to add a securty deposit to the trade which gets refuned after the trade.
If you want to take any of the grin offers be careful, they might have been created from users not understanding grin yet (seems grin is not transferable for the first 24 hours due coin maturity). so those offers might not be able to get fulfilled (thought there is a 24 hour window for bisq altcoin trades). we also dont got an answer yet if grin has already a tool for verifying the tx. beam just added it today. it is mandatory for the abritrator in case of a dispute. so all very early days…

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Ah just saw those are all “buy Grin” offers… so they will probably not take anyway before miners can sell their frist coins (if they will - I would not ;-))

So, I guess it’s pretty insecure to buy grins on Bisq until that tx verification tool is available to the users and the Bisq arbitrators, right?

It should be fine from the sellers side, btc is still easy to track; its the buyers who have to worry

I can’t figure out how to buy grin on bisq. As for every coin, I need to setup an account for grin. But this requires to input a receiving address. However, AFAIU, there are no addresses on GRIN.

what do? I see there are already completed trades on bisq, so this should be possible somehow.

Also, did anyone manage to buy and withdraw to their wallet from any other exchange?

I think you need to use a service like grinbox to get a static address.

You can either use IP:port or the address formats supported by grinbox (recommended)

ok now I need to find out what grinbox is and how to use it. Moving slowly, step-by-step, but getting there. I’ll have my grins :smiley:

Grinbox is a transaction relay service, currently only wallet713 supports it. So if you want to use grinbox, you actually have to use wallet713.


are the bisq notification just shit on android or did I set it up wrong?

you guys should run a tutorial how to use bisq …
i dont find it easy

See and

Bisq’s website :
New to Bisq :
Bisq Youtube channel :
Forum :


Bisq need to remove GRIN as it causes too many problems

Unfortunately it turned out that GRIN causes too much troubles in Bisq trades. 90% of the disputes of the arbitrators are now GRIN and about 80% of GRIN trades end up in arbitration. The sending of GRIN to the peer seems to be very unstable and/or the users don’t know how to use the tools correctly. Beside that there is still no verification tool which makes it also very risky in case of a real dispute where the arbitrator would not be able to make a decision. We remove GRIN untill those issues are resolved.

For those who have GRIN offers, please remove them and request for reimbursement for the maker fee at or keep it for later once GRIN is stable enough that we can enable it again.
If you are in a trade you need to open a dispute with cmd+o to complete the trade.

Poeple who were trying to buy on bisq what percentage on the top is worth it to you and is my rep good enough for anyone to send money first?

Is there any opportunity for dispute (beyond user ignorance) if transaction are limited to file transfers?