Looking for dev for Github issue

Hi Grinners,

I asked Manfred Karrer from Bisq if he was willing to relist Grin. It looks like he is willing to do that as long as we make the github issue. I can’t do that, so I was wondering if anyone else in the community could pick this up?

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A GitHub issue was already opened, see Preparing Exchanges for Grin 5.0 and issue.

They want a web service where mediators can verify payment disputes without running their own node. I actually wanted to make one myself but had difficulties with the wallet API, which I think are now resolved thanks to @renzokuken and @david. So once I manage to get a few things off my plate, I’ll give it a try.

Meanwhile if anybody else wants to pick it up, feel free to do so.


Perhaps we can help here with our service on https://grinnode.live/ ?
Just get in contact with us , if possible we can work something out.

We also doing a lot of tests on the GRIN-wallet API and we making great progress.


I would love to see Grin relisted on Bisq in a way that makes it easy for mediators. How can I help?

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We don’t need bisq, but bisq really needs Grin ( :wink: )

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Grin doesn’t have a long future on CEX when authorities are tightening regulations and compliance. Certainly privacy coins will have bumpy road ahead.

This can be great for both parties. Volume can grow.