Grin support in Bisq

I want to add Grin to Bisq and we need to add a input validation so that users cannot add an incorrect Wallet URL.
Is IP:port still the way to go? Is IP4 and IP6 supported I assume.


Grin will be added in tomorrow’s release:
Added gribox support:
Allows IP:port and grinbox wallet URl formats.
It will be activated at launch date (not visible before in the UI).
Looking forward for the launch!!! Best project since Lightning, Monero and Bitcoin!


Thanks for the kind words and the integration @Manfred_Karrer, really happy with having Grin in Bisq!

Regarding your first question, you’re correct. You could also check if the IP:port is open (can open a TCP connection).

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Cool stuff! :+1: Thank you for your work @Manfred_Karrer!

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The BISQ Decentralized Exchange is an early supporter of the GRiN project, however their early adoption was deemed un-sustainable (due to the inability to confirm transactions) As such the BISQ exchange was forced to de-list the GRiN.

The BISQ dev team has signaled a continued support of GRiN, with a willingness to re-list if/when the technical hurdles due to tx-confirmation were cleared.

There were early responses by GRiN developers to provide the required tx functionality to the BISQ team- first wallet functionality was improved in early wallet713. Payment Proofs were developed by @david and merged into rustlang Grin-Wallet. Additional work has since been done by @mcm-mike @stakerV @renzokuken to provide a reliable source of tx verification by way of api calls by way of GrinNode Live

So it’s my understanding that today GRiN has the capability to verify transactions as such the blockers to a BISQ GRiN listing have been theoretically cleared so that now a working protocol solution may be implemented. As such I will be bumping past developer conversations that have gone stale in the spirit of completing the effort to finalize the re-Listing of GRiN to the BISQ Dex. Meanwhile I encourage current GRiN developers to remain committed to providing resources if/when required by the BISQ team.

Past development (found so far) discussion here here and here

Last community GRiN request for support here

BISQ community support and discussion here


They continue to implement GRIN:

Please show some love and offer help if needed within this ticket (issue).


Running consensus vote to re-list GRiN to BISQ dex here:


This comment from a Bisq user pretty much nails it.

I’m against Grin listing:

  • Centralized mining 84.4% of known hashrate from one pool
  • Inflation bug and 51% attack
  • Dying project without active developers
  • The community too small
  • Low volume at the existing exchanges
  • Many technical issues with Grin transactions


Really @Rust ?
Those comments were also all addressed in the same discussion, I am surprised you re-post them while most of these arguments can be easily rebutted.
Now I have to go to the trouble to find a link to those rebuttal posts :upside_down_face:
Here is one such responses that addresses these points:


Are you the same person who believes “Grin [is] a rigged and failed ecosystem.”? I think it’d be great for you to contribute to the project so that it can become better in your eyes, or maybe find another project that you can give positive contributions to.


Grin has no trading liquidity, only a few exchanges of which most don’t support (open) deposit and withdraws. Which is rigged in so many ways.

Furthermore the amount of devs that work free on the project was zero for quite a while now. Tho it is good to see one of them occasionally coming back. The bug / dev bounty’s still don’t deliver anything else than invoices.

I contribute by reminding the community what the current state of affairs are. The guy on the Bisq forum was right and your denial isn’t changing anything about that. I hope sincerely that you realise that if Grin fails again on Bisq it is considered done as a cryptocurrency.

Really? How does this implication follow? The only thing I realize regarding this is that this is absolutely not the case. Grin doesn’t (in any way) depend on any single service supporting it.


Thank you for participating.

Not sure if complaining is the right way here, there are countless opportunities for community members to participate or help GRIN in multiple constructive ways.
We all are GRIN, GRIN is not centralized by one authority or one entity which makes it sometimes difficult and challenging at the same time.
Even if you not a developer you can help GRIN in your possibilities and get involved in the meetings or here on the forum.

It’s not a one man/women/it show its a collecting effort here which makes GRIN so interesting.

P.S. we are in direct communication with BisQ , talking to them and providing them with the help they need, if someone wants to join in with technical write ups for Exchanges please let us know. This is also true for 2 other exchanges.


Yes it does implicate that. This is not just a exchange of some third floor asian scam, it is a dex that shares a lot of the core values this community has driven forward. It has been in favor of Grin for a long time. Now it reconsiders Grin’s delisting and gives Grin another chance after being delisted for over two years.

If Grin fails again and get delisted as a result I would no longer give a dime for this project.

@mcm-mike Good luck, the implementation is in good hands with you.


Why did grin get delisted in the first place, sorry, I’m trying to catch up with 3 years’ happenings. Was the problem that sending using addresses was unreliable? which is a limitation that slate packs overcome?

jmacxx commented 2 days ago

Most of the changes for re-listing have been done and :crossed_fingers: should make it into the next release about the same time as the DAO vote results (2021-12-01). If the DAO vote passes then it would just be a configuration switch to enable trading.

GRIN should be live on Bisq again in about 19 days.

They needed a way to optionally audit the transaction to mediate disputes. This was recently accomplished and Tested successfully.

I would not listen to this sour puss making vague threats about “BisQ or fail.” We have plenty on the horizon by way even better privacy and user experience, eg coin/atomic swaps and pibd.

He’s probably a disaffected user or someone who is resentful over grin being listed at all. Disgruntled with delusions of grandeur.

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i think you are the one in denial .You threaten a decentralized currency with failed,dead arguments,becuz delisted from a few low tier exchange. Did Bitcoin fade away after MT.GOX collapse?

Most of exchanges can collapse,bankrupt,blocked,die,seized, but Grin can survive…

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I’ll buy all your grin for nothing if that’s what you eventually value this project at. My GRIN address is listening for your “worthless” GRIN on grin1cq636ment795xn68knzu0ewp73f3zdlgv6dsqv8x7vf2v0j4ek5sk6nmk3


Or feel free to donate it to the Grin community council :grin::

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