Proof of Grins sent

Is there a tool for proofing to a 3rd party that Grin has been sent to an address (proof need to make amount and receiver verifyable)? We need that for Bisq in case of a dispute so the sender can proof to the arbitrator that he really sent it. I was surprised that BEAM did not had that feature (they deploy it today) so I just want to cross check that Grin has it at launch time (hope so!).

There’s a PR for creation and verification proofs of possession of an unspent output by a party, #2374.

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So current version does not have any feature to proof a transfer? That would be bad as for Bisq we require that as otherwise the arbitrator cannot find out in case of a real dispute. Usually Bisq users are very honest and it is very rare that they argue but we cannot gaurantee a safe trade in such cases. I will still wait a bit but we might need to deactivate it again until such a feature is available - which would be a shame! ;-(


I’m having the same issue on bisq. User sent funds, I saw it sit unconfirmed and now it’s no longer visible yet I need to dispute the dispute.

Any update on that side? We have lots if disputes (same with beam) and we consider to remove Grin for the next update if there is no way to verify a transfer. That is usually mandatory to get added to Bisq as otherwise the arbitrator cannot find a resolution if both traders disagree. Was not a issues so far but is an open risk. Hope we see soon a verification tool!

verification requires some info about the receiver. They should probably set a public key and then the transaction needs to be using a blinding factor derived from that public key. Simplest option would be just using that public key.

Then the sender can verify from the UTXO or commit that a payment to the requested public key was made.