Verify Transaction

Greetings Grinners!

I’m playing around with Bisq yet having some confusion while using wallet713. The individual was able to transfer the grin to the (grinbox) address yet was not confirmed and eventually disappeared.

Yet wallet713 txs provided a list of transactions (confirmed = false) with a “shared transaction id”.

Obviously the grin blockchain isn’t public, so I can’t just type in my (grinbox) address, yet no explorer lets me paste the shared id either.

How can I verify that a transaction was sent? Surely there must be a way to prove a transaction was sent in order to verify escrow exchanges? Or perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way.

edit: found a similar thread

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Hope we see soon a clear overview how to send Grin and hwo to verify a payment. I understand its early days but exchanges risk to get a lot o troubles if the transactions are failing and specailly if the sender cannot proof it.

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Grin stays still deactivated until we get reports that its more stable, but we added info for proof tool and only support grinbox format.