Early beta version of grinnode.live's public transaction proof verification service is online!

I have a pleasure to announce that we have an early beta version of a public transaction proof verification service API which is sponsored, developed and hosted by grinnode.live.

Given the still early stage of development, keep in mind this is a beta version and might still suffer from major bugs.

Use it at your own risk.

The proof verification API permits anyone to verify a payment proof of a grin transaction. Every response from the API is signed using grinnode.live slatpack key thus making it possible to re-use proof verification between peers who trust grinnode.live.

The API provides limited number of daily calls for free, for the remaining calls it accepts payment in grin. We do not yet have legal status permitting to make profits in cryptocurrency, for that reason all the profits are going to be regularly donated to the community fund to ensure the net balance gets cleared out.

If you would like to give it a shot and try our API we invite you to check our GitHub repository where you may find a Python API wrapper as well as examples how to make raw API calls with basic usage documentation.

The major goal of our service is to provide arbitration tools that could help bring grin back to Bisq decentralized exchange. In the future, such an arbitration tool could be potentially useful for many grin-based online platforms.

Feel free to try it out and provide us with your feedback!


If anyone would like to try it and wants some help in getting started I will be happy to assist!


the only way to test it is to use CLI wallet to generate the proof, am i right ?


Unfortunately yes, at the moment only CLI wallet supports payment proofs as far as I am concerned.

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@renzokuken is right, this service is targeting smaller businesses and possibly Exchanges to perform automatic verification checks, of GRIN transactions.

It can help solve disputes, between a customer and a merchant or two individuals, who want to make sure the transaction was really sent.

In my first post I am linking towards an open issue on BisQ an decentralized Exchange, who wanted a method of confirming a GRIN transaction was made. Therefore we created this service, in order to provide a solution for these problems.


Would love to discuss how I can use this in my escrow service over at the market. I’ll dm you @mcm-mike


Sure contact me or @renzokuken at any time for help.