Payment proof on Ironbelly or GRIN++

Could it be possible to add payment proof and verification on Ironbelly and GRIN++. Would allow people to verify transactions and create new bunch of products. For exemple, buying a service with Ironbelly without proof is not the best thing. Few people use the CLI verification …


I sign my name under this request. That would allow to build super simple payment processors for online stores and other services that do not actually need to build ツ transactions but only need to verify if provided payment proof is valid.

Imagine you checkout in online stores and all it asks you to paste the payment proof at the last step.

Unfortunately, payment proofs as they are now only apply to sender-initiated transactions. Payment proofs will achieve their full potential once this RFC is implemented and integrated into all the wallets.


does this need a hardfork?

No it does not. The RFC needs to be reviewed and then someone needs to implement it. When implemented, I’d prefer all payment proofs were done with the “early” variant rather than the payment proofs we have now. As far as I know, it’s possible to verify the payment proof through the owner api for the SRS flow.

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