Grin support in Bisq

The BISQ Decentralized Exchange is an early supporter of the GRiN project, however their early adoption was deemed un-sustainable (due to the inability to confirm transactions) As such the BISQ exchange was forced to de-list the GRiN.

The BISQ dev team has signaled a continued support of GRiN, with a willingness to re-list if/when the technical hurdles due to tx-confirmation were cleared.

There were early responses by GRiN developers to provide the required tx functionality to the BISQ team- first wallet functionality was improved in early wallet713. Payment Proofs were developed by @david and merged into rustlang Grin-Wallet. Additional work has since been done by @mcm-mike @stakerV @renzokuken to provide a reliable source of tx verification by way of api calls by way of GrinNode Live

So it’s my understanding that today GRiN has the capability to verify transactions as such the blockers to a BISQ GRiN listing have been theoretically cleared so that now a working protocol solution may be implemented. As such I will be bumping past developer conversations that have gone stale in the spirit of completing the effort to finalize the re-Listing of GRiN to the BISQ Dex. Meanwhile I encourage current GRiN developers to remain committed to providing resources if/when required by the BISQ team.

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