Unconfirmed TX from bibox


Guy I have a question and I am rather annoyed about it.
5 days ago I withdrew 800 GRIN from BIBOX to kucoin.
I never received the transaction and I contacted both support.
I received this image from kucoin which show that the confirmation is in an unconfirmed state and they told me that’s bibox fault and they need to “repost” it.
When I contact bibox they tell me the transaction is successfully remitted and I should contact kucoin.
I already tried to solve this issue for the last 4 days without any improvement.
I am just stuck within an infinite loop of contacting support.
First if anybody has any insight regarding this situation.
Who should take responsability and act for that situation?
Second, is there any process to recover my 800 GRIN that bibox is unaware?
I really like GRIN but if the most basic feature such as sending a transaction between 2 accounts can endup like this with coins lost… that’s clearly impossible to use.

I found 2 similars issues.
I link them here for the reader.

This is not an issue with Grin but with the exchanges you are using. If they are treating their customers like shit, I don’t think there is much Grin can do about it.

I have also had problems withdrawing Grin from bibox and some other exchange. Tradeogre.com worked perfectly. They use the file transfer method. I use wallet713.