Grin Lost ? or should i wait more

i deposited grin to my bittrex account and now its almost 2days but still it is showing 0/10 confirmations , i contacted the support they replied " B ittrex does not control the block chain nor can we make it go any faster ." …any help :frowning:

It is not lost, either you or Bittrex is in possession of it. Check the status of the transaction in your wallet and explorers such as GrinScan and GrinExplorer. If the transaction went through, it means Bittrex has your funds and they should credit your account

bro to be fully clear i transferred my Grin from one exchange to Bittrex exchange, the other exchange is showing me that withdraw was successful * TXID: dca7e678-ac13-438d-b24a-7203ba5733b4 but when i searched this TXID on GrinScan it is not found and bittrex exchange is still showing me 0/10 confirmations :confused:

You should better try a small amount to test new exchange at first.
Not sure how much you sent there, but it looks like you care about it. :roll_eyes:

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Something similar has happened to me with an other coin, turns out the coins where still in the first exchange, and a bug made the server assume the last Tx from another user was mine so did not send nor send back to my account! Luck me they helped me manually…

Try talking to them to see if they still have the GRIN ‘physically’ on their wallet, if so… you are good, if not, one of two things happened:

  • Bittrex’s server did NOT process the Deposit
  • YOU imputed the wrong address or malformed…
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thanks alot , i talked again with the exchanges and i’m hopeful :slight_smile: