Lost grins after withdrawal from bitforex pls help

hey guys. i just withdrawaled my 765,5 grins from bitforex 3 days ago to my grin++ wallet with http option, when i saw “recieving(unconfirmed)” text on the wallet i thought i got the grins than i log out and log in grin++ again but i realize it is showing i got 765,5 total grin but they are not confirmed so i got 0 spendable grins. so till now it is still writing on my wallet “recieving (unconfirmed)” and i got 0 spendable grins.
i thought this issue couse of my log out and log in ealier when the transection is not fully confirmed, so i withdrawal 1 grin again from bitforex to same wallet to see what happens when i run grin++ for a long time, i just saw “recieving (unconfirmed)” text than i weit about 3 hours but it was same. this time it shows my total grins 766,5 but all of them not confirmed.
Than i wanna try to cancel transection to see what happens and i canceled my second 1 grin transection this time my total grin drop to 765.5 my 1 grin goes but i realize it didnt go back to bitforex account.
till now it is same i dont have any spendable grins now can someone help me pls. my first 765,5 grins transection informatins here:
UUID: 58c6403c-8f98-4012-aac6-6d95104690a4
Commitment: 099ba428097e4cb80d972f2a2c5a0a97a87506c563612b6e632e0334915c684227

Your output appeared in the blockchain 4 days ago so that means it was confirmed https://grinscan.net/output/099ba428097e4cb80d972f2a2c5a0a97a87506c563612b6e632e0334915c684227.

Make sure your node is synced to the current height and it should appear as spendable. If for some reason your node is synced and it still appears as unconfirmed then click rescan blockchain.

ty for your aswer man, i am using grin++ v0.5.5 on windows the wallet says Headers: 232437
Blocks: 224058 Network: 232437 is it sacanned or not i just dont know can u explain me how can i do it pls?

i just wonder when i withdrawal grins with http option is it possible to sent grins another wallet or adress if i log out and login grin++ wallet while transection is on going?

Just leave it running until the light in the bottom left corner turns green