Deposit - Receiving (Unconfirmed)

Hi this is the first time i am using Grin Wallet. I have one Deposit, it has been a day ago but still Unconfirmed. It shows in the Grin Wallet Receiving (Unconfirmed), My Grin wallet version is
Grin ++ v1.2.6, Status is Waiting for Peers (i have no idea).

When i check on Grin Scan :
Occurences 1
Type Regular
Status Unspent
Created Height 1,393,204
Time 2021-09-13 06:57:21 UTC
Maturity 1,454 blocks
Lifetime 1d 0h

Is there anyone can help me with this? Why my Deposit is still Unconfirmed after one day??

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Did you deposit at an Exchange and if so wich one?
The exchanges do have some problems with GRIN deposit / withdraws you can check by searching here in the forum for a particular exchange.

hi i withdraw from Bittrex to Grin wallet.Bittrex shows the transaction Completed, but my grin wallet still Receiving (Unconfirmed)

@chan You might find the forum thread below useful, I provided a step by step tutorial there, let me know if it works for you or not.

hi i dont really understand this. My Wallet has shown the Receiving of Deposit. But It has been over a day but still Unconfirmed, the Block is still running, it is1538 by now. does it means that i still have to keep waiting? or is there anything else i can do?

Which step did you do so far, my guess is you stopped after step 4? Note that you have to complete the transfer process within 2 hours or you have to start over again. So in summary I think you accepted the transfer (signed it) but did not create a response file where you copied the reponse text, changed the file extention to .slatepack, and did not upload this to Bittrex. Without the sending this response to Bittrex, they cannot finalize the transaction, meaning it will never happen.
So I think you have to start the process again from step 1)

See below a copy of the steps:

1. Go to Bittrex, Click Withdrawals under Holdings, Enter a withdrawal amount and click “Generate Transaction File”. On the Withdrawal Transaction File screen, click Download Transaction File and save it to your computer.
2. Go to the folder where you saved the file. Right click on the file open with > Notepad > in notepad, select the whole text (press simulations Ctrl + A) then copy the text (Ctrl+ C),
3. In Grin++ go to the Receive tab, then click in the left textbox with Receive above it, paste the text (Ctrl + V) and click the receive button below the text box.
4. Now in the right textbox you see the Response slatepack text. Copy this text by selecting all (Ctrl + A) and copying it (Ctr + C).
5. Open a new text file, called it response.txt or something like that, past the text and safe the file. Change the file extention from .txt into .slatepack
6. Go to Bittrex select the response.txt file you just created, and click finalize in Bittrex.

You have to do the above steps within 2 hours, otherwise the transaction gets cancelled automatically, meaning you have to start the procedure again from step 1).

Let me know if the above steps work for you.

hi thanks for reply.

i have upload the file and click finalize withdrawal in Bittrex… Once this done, my Grin Wallet shows Receiving (Unconfirmed). i have been waiting a day now and still Receiving (Unconfirmed), I have no idea why my Deposit still Unconfirmed.

Can you try “scan for outputs” in the grin wallet; also you can try logging out of your wallet and back in