Awaiting Confirmation (< 10)

There was a payout from a mining pool to my wallet. I can see the total, but it has been awaiting for the confirmation for 24h now. Does this mean the pool did not finalize the tx?
Node 0.5.2 is running, Wallet is listening.

Was there ever a solution to this?

You will need to update grin and make sure your node is correctly sync’d

What does [grin wallet txs] shows?

Run [grin wallet check]?

Yes, pretty much the said above. Considering you are running the latest version, your node is in sync and your wallet is listening: Run “grin wallet check” after that you will see it being dropped in “grin wallet info” and if you take a look at “grin wallet txs” you will see the transaction as being cancelled. In my case I was just handing in the response file to late so it has been dropped from the pool side.

Hello, yesterday i had the same issue. I did a wallet check as described in the wiki and all my grins just vanish from the wallet. I check the wallet txs and got this message:

Later I try recover, check, recover from scratch whit passwords.
I have no clue what I can try next any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

Hello. I have same issue yesterday but with exchange Kucoin.
Withdrawed grins from exchange.
Status on exchange Succeeded but on the wallet this trans was as unconfirmed for more than 15 blocks.
144.755 grins
img1 combined because 1 img for new users

Then i have found that this trans has confirmed status false + there is None confirmation time.
img2 combo
Then i have decided to check wallet with ./grin wallet -r http://host:port check
At the end of that command i’ve got the following response.
img3 combo
And my 144.755 grins disappeared in the info output, left only 0.07635495 grins.
After check command status of trans changed to cancelled.
img4 combo
So the situation is strange.
I have also restored on another server wallet.seed from recovery phrase and synchronised blockchain and i have only 0.07635495 grins.
Please help me in that situation.
As i understand trouble is on the Kucoin side.

Have you recovered your GRIN from Kucoin?
I have a similar situation, but with the Hotbit exchange. With them, the transaction is Complete and has 0 confirmations from 24 hours.

similar error. Was this ever resolved?

If your coins/outputs have 0 confirmations for more than a few minutes it means that the sender did not finalize/broadcast the transaction or for some other reason the tx never reached a miner to be included in a block. You need to tell the sender to finalize/broadcast/rebroadcast the transaction. Only when your outputs got in a block (with sufficient confirmations) are the coins yours.

Also grin wallet check won’t magically make your coins confirmed, this only depends on the sender. It will however get rid of all the unconfirmed transactions from the log.