Grin transaction not confirming for several hours? [newb]

Hey, this is my first foray into Grin. I have:

  1. Set up a miner with GrinMint / GrinProMiner
  2. Am running a node (grin.exe)
  3. Initialized the wallet (grin-wallet.exe) and set it up.
  4. Sent grin from GrinMint to my wallet
    a. “received” the transaction file with my wallet (-i xxxx.json)
    b. Uploaded the response .json to GrinMint’s Payouts page
  5. GrlnMint says it is “sent”
  6. Wallet -txs command shows:

(not confirmed… in several hours.)

What else do I need to do?

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Hi there,
I’m also pretty new, but I think I can confirm that you have nothing left to do.
When the receiver issued back the receive-action (sends back receive-file as in your case, or sends back http 200 OK via https connection), there is nothing left to do for you. When the sender finalizes, it is just a matter of block height confirmation (usually 10) until everything is settled and confirmed.

Make sure your node is running and is synced. If it still shows as unconfirmed you need to contact grinmint and tell them to repost the transaction.

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Try to run your own node and your wallet in same server/PC.

UPDATE: I checked my wallet balance this morning and the transaction went through. I can’t believe it took so long, though!

It sounds like either Grinmint waited to broadcast it, or your wallet wasn’t properly connected to see the transaction. Once a finalized transaction gets to the network, it won’t take hours to confirm.

Glad you’re grinning!

Must be Grinmint, because I’m running a synced node on the same machine as my wallet.

I must say, I’m surprised at how cumbersome it is to send money on Grin.