Lost my GRIN while sending to Gate.io

It has been over 7 days since I’ve initiated a transfer from Bibox to Gate.io and my funds have gone missing.
Bibox is claiming that the transaction has been remitted and this needs to be handled by the receiving platform.
Gate.io, on the other hand, keeps telling me to give it more time.
This doesn’t feel right. It has been over a week now and it is quite a big sum!

There is no transaction ID available. All I’ve been given from the sending platform is a “hash value”.

Can anyone help please?

“Give it more time” sounds fishy. A blockchain transaction should take just seconds to propagate, and should fully confirm in 30 minutes or less.

hey man,
Just found your topic and you seem to have similar issue that I have.
check my post please

Hi, im sorry this happened to you. I hope your issue gets resolved. I tried withdrawing 1 Grin from two exchanges and had issues. The third exchange i tried worked flawlessly. I have already done 10 succesful Grin withdrawals on Tradeogre.com