Transation was canceled but funds where not restored


Im a new user. Yesterday i tried to send some Grins using Grin++ 1.2.5 wallet to After 11 hours without confirmation, i canceled the transation but the funds were not restored. I can see the transation on Grinscan, but i dont uderstand whats going on. It has been some hours sice i canceled the transation.

Can someone help with this issue?

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Grins to the Gate pass in about 1 minute, but 1000 blocks must pass after the transaction to be seen.
This corresponds to approximately 16-17 hours.
You can follow the transaction from “Deposit Records”.

Thank you for the reply. I guess i will have to wait a bit longer.

No transations apearing yet

Isn’t suppose the fund be available again right after the cancelation?

Its been 2 days since the cancelation and the funds are not yet available. Im i missing something?

Can you try signing out of your wallet, closing it, Make sure grin node process is not running, and then signing back in?

Yes, without any success. I even tried another wallet (Niffler) and still showing 0 coins. Should i start to worried? lol

Well, contact gate IO support and give them the information from grinscan, The coins are not lost they’re on one side of the parties involved.

I forgot to add the memo to que transation. Now Gate.Io is asking me a screen shoot of the transatiion and another one sucessfull. Using wallet Grin++, is there a way of getting an transation log like an xml?

Mmmmm could you join Telegram: Contact @GrinPP ? Maybe we could help you with extracting the transactions logs