transaction through the Grin++ wallet to my deposit

This is a translation of my letter. I made a transaction using the Grin coin, through the Grin++ wallet to my deposit and the transaction failed, in the Grin++ wallet, the operation went to canceled, what did I do wrong?[quote=“igno.peverell, post:1, topic:17, full:true”]
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Submit a ticket to if coins are not seen at your Grin++ wallet. When you dont use MEMO, a delay happens, and dont forget it takes 24 h almost to process your deposit to with 300 confirmation time.
Try using with slatepack method.


Where is this ticket in the wallet? I clicked on the red transaction line, in the window that appears there is a line “Slate” and a line “Kernels”, I do not see the ticket.

submit ticket to exchange i meant.