Sending with memo to

hi, can someone tell me step by step how to send my grins from wallet 1.2.6 to, I don’t see where i can add the necessary memo,


Hello. You must add it to the end of the amount you will send.
For example, you will withdraw 10 Grin and the Memo number is 1598438.
Then you will withdraw= 10.1598438
This is a slightly outdated method, but unfortunately that’s how Gate works.

Note: After the transfer, you will see your Grins on the Gate after an average of 17 hours. 1000 blocks required


The confirmation time in 2021 is longer than an hour which is ridiculous. Even for currency money, the bank can process the transfer within a minute!

They should protect themselves cause of this;

Problem with gate .is still wants 1000 confirmation when depositing ,they say Blockchain isnt stable atm. Withdrawing is fine.