Looking to buy some Grin ASAP

Unfortunately unable to set up miners due to constant moving around with work at this stage.

Would someone be willing to sell me some grin.

Any help appreciated.


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There is some very over priced grin on any of the 8 ish exchanges at this point, I give it a few more hours till the gap closes enough actually trading happens on galleon the others should follow soon after

Thanks for the reply. I have never heard of this exchange. Are they reputable enough to store my ETH/GRIN?

Is they’re any form of cold storage ?


Just observe the price on some of the exchanges trading Grin. There are already various exchanges. Have a look at https://howtobuygrin.com. Happy tradin’

Is it just being shilled or this is the large adoption now on Grincoin? I see that there’s no finite supply of it and I guess the most profitable here are those who mine.

Willing to let go of part of mine, to those who want to get involved and can’t/don’t want to mine dm me

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Adoption will take some time, it’s still very early. Are you worried that Grin gets too much press and your holdings get more competition? This is a honest community.