Galleon - World's First Grin Exchange Opens for Registration

Galleon will be supporting Grin by donating up to 50% trading fee!
And it will go live right after Grin main net goes live.

Sign up at
Join telegram group at

Shame I wouldn’t feel comfortable using a new and unknown exchange within the first three months of launch, the time when they claim to donate fees to grin.

Too wonder if this will be live when grin launches or after some time.

In the mean time there are other exchanges that already have listed grin like

Asking for a friend: Is this like Binance where you can use the exchange with no KYC and a withdrawl limit, or do you need KYC to do anything at all?

Really? Of the 3 exchanges “exicted to for the launch of grin” this weekend, I think this one is most genuine

Like a mere 60% chance of exit scamming or being hacked over the next 5 years.

How tf do you figure

qb and chainrift?

This is a single coin exchange while the other two have been shitcoins exchanges thru and thru

To clarify I’m not sure what to define bisq as and grinpay is a hybrid thing.

Also “genuine” is not good enough but you know, give this underdog his one bone.

Galleon will focus only on Grin to start with, and has been endorsed by a few people:

BTW if anyone is interested to predict Grin trading price, here is a small game by Galleon: