At Galleon.Exchange: Trading of Grin will go live on 16 Jan 2019 (UTC)

Galleon is a community oriented exchange supported by Primitive Ventures and Arrington XRP Capital.
Galleon is also a strong supporter of Grin, as Friends of Grin.
We will only support Grin/BTC and Grin/ETH to start with, and ensure the smoothest trading experience. :smiley:

Within 12-24 hours from launch of Grin main net, trading of Grin will go live on 16 Jan 2019 (UTC) as well. You will be able to deposit and withdraw coins then.

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Participate the small game to predict Grin’s trading price HERE

Supporters of Galleon:

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Quite a smart move.

Is this bypassing the 24 hour limit?

Why the chinese pools?

We are working with the pools with the biggest hashrate, and that’s where the supply mainly comes from

Have those pool users been informed?

What sort of time overhead assuming they didn’t set up a galleon account?

And really, is it bypassing the 24 hour delay?

Why is galleon down? Any updates?