Grin Doing Mooning?

Hell yeah! What is driving this increase in price?


The plan.


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Hope we stick to the plan this time and we really touched the true bottom. Funny thing is that I predicted that after one more drop (this one) we would reach the bottom. But then I got so hyped with Grin that I already invested significant amounts into Grin, ignoring my own predictions :joy:
I cannot help it, somehow this project gets my blood boiling.

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Seller exhaustion, corn goes moon, hype around asics and just price speculation.

But maybe grin can turn this nasty bear trend around. Will need to go a lot higher tho.

Lets find out if we can consolidate here a little bit before we test 56 cents and just rip through it like we did with 42 cents.

Grin reaches 77 cents

Bottom 0.22 USD (Nov 8, 2020)
High 0.79 USD

360% run

Let’s honor this legendary thread with any price comments.

It has become an historic archive of market sentiment, we ought to keep it going.


I am concern about the government particularly the IRS cracking down privacy coins like monero, zcash & dash…These coins may go extinction one day when exchanges started to delist them…what will be the fate of privacy coins like grin and beam.Are they going to be the future target?

No one knows for sure but it surely underlines the need for a truly decentralized ecosystem where we can trade privately p2p. It maybe DEX, it maybe not. But what I tend to believe is that in that ecosystem we need multiple good privacy coins.

Grin is USD0.81 now !!

Can somebody explain what is going on with the bullish sign

Different people have different levels of understanding and IQ…dont mind to be like children…at least the more people participate the more merrier

I recently switched Gods. New God is doing pretty well. You’re welcome.


We’ll break $1 soon :wink:

Anybody here, what is happening to bitforex exchange? As you know , bitforex exchange is one of the biggest exchange where we can buy and sell grin coin…my concern is why the website suddenly closed since yesterday.?

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It seems fine to me.

Website is online.
I don’t know what the specifics are with Bitforex. I can’t classify them as scam, but I surely have some users complaining about funds that are stuck, lost or accounts that got frozen.

I once had my 0.2 btc frozen for months there, until the point I gave up. Then at a sunny day it just was there. 0 points for communication, but they didn’t scam me.

I suspect the government of our country in Malaysia block the website to enter into our country…when i open the website, bitforex refused to connect…

Try to reach it through tor / vpn