Grin + binance = moon

Grin on Binance would change everything. How can we as a community further this happening?

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Binance Labs recently contributed a bunch of money to Ironbelly grin wallet development, I think that’s a pretty strong sign they are already considering it.

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Although this statement on that link above says a lot “By joining this program, you have the freedom to work on open-source projects that have meaningful impact but may not necessarily have stand-alone commercial viability in the near-term.”

What does it say for you?

Its already on poly; I’m not sure it matters, knowledge moves surprisingly slowly while speculating because everyone whos opinions matters as a rule are fairly emotional and can be defensive. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else of course but this is a known problem.

Coins get picked up by exchanges daily, everyone who knows about grin probaly doesn’t care about bitances opinion on the matter, and anyone who does care about their opinion will either be shitcoining idiots who airn’t worth swaying or will take months to disgust it after real research and will likely be waiting for the right time.

This is mere confirmation bias, if its not evidence you would even blink at if your were opposing its not valuable. The bible saying the christian god is real is only paid any mind by Christians

Binance would bump Grin to $10 or $15 dollars first week. Your religious preoccupations this week are of no interest to me - I like the idea of a 400% pump. What do I care if it’s temporary?; someone has to be buying the other side of the trade when I cash out. I thought you were a trader. What’s all this talk of gods and idiot buyers? Trading’s a zero sum game. Someone needs to take the losing role. Binance is a whole different ball game than Poloindex - for example, I know you can’t use Poloindex in New York, because I can’t. You can use Binance and Coinbase. Big money flows through those.

Trading itself is zero sum, the meta effects on the real world are not. That poeple play poorly and get burned is an unfortunate side effect of the system, nothing nessery, if men were angels all the price information for these games on games on ganes could be gathered without the gambling, but men are not so these games need to be open to all including idoits who buy a coin to try to get in a pump and dump with the technical headache of dealing with a day one launch of a system.

I wouldn’t put binance on the same tier as coin base, if a low coin count exchanges like coinbase were to list grin that would be a different story. A quick check says coinbase only lists 3 dogshit coins and 4 understandable mistake shitcoins, 4/11 actually interesting coins is a very high industry standard and that’s with them lowering thier standards.

To the moon ,it’s the good things for Grin’sdevelopment

Binance can go to hell. Give me a DEX or give me death!

You mean Binance’s Dex I suppose :wink:

I didn’t mention Coinbase because American law makes it impossible for Coinbase to be innovative or competitive. I wish some elites in America would see how they are screwing our future economic superiority and literally handing the future to the Chinese, whether it’s crypto or clean energy. America seems content to die rather than adapt to reality and the future. Binance is the innovator in this space. Binance is the king of exchanges, whether it’s the labs, the dex, the investment fund, it’s all Binance - everything good in crypto. They are aggressive and they are winning.

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I don’t think there are more goods news for the Grincoin.