Grin on Binance? Predict when!

GRIN will be added to Binance soon, I predict that it’s happening within the next 3 months. They can’t miss out on Grin! It’s awesome how many exchanges Grin has already been added to, before even 24 hours of its mainnet age.

On top of that I believe it will be on Bittrex, as well as Coinbase. Why? If you have checked out the Coinbase-supported Coinmine One device, you have likely spotted Grin in/on some of their promotional material. :wink:

And the most interesting will be atomic swap decentralized trading of GRIN imho.


I agree that Binance will add Grin within the next 6 months, possibly 3.

Coinmine also promotes Monero, but Monero hasn’t been added to Coinbase yet. So you could be reading too much into that.

Never! Binance has lost over 40 percent of their US users in the past few months and it’s clearly a KYC scam with ties to ID theft already. No coin they have is worth the biometric collection required. They save your copy written info for 5 years in a database and they give you no way to opt out. Meanwhile while they have been caught with ID leaks and they lie outright about it to their customers (formerly me).

Agree. KYC/AML is the biggest scam in crypto. A system that keeps billions in poverty, kills innovation and provides an excuse for the banking system to lock out the competition. It’s just another monopoly trick and it does not protect anyone from getting ripped off.

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Coin are exclusively listed on Binance so the founders and creators of those coins can dump. Grin will never be on Binance because it won’t be around, poof gone. FYI they already moved the coins off exchange if you follow their BTC addresses. It happened a few months ago, at the time they did PR claiming it was routine.

Today grin active bittrex


My Shero!