New to Forum- Please Read

Hey guys,

Brand new to forum- going to post a little message here, please forgive for having not read through all the boards, but time is of the essence. We have kept our eye on you for quite some time, yes we are not big nor that involved but have become more vocal and public in our opinions on our facebook page.

Not here to beat a drum or pretend to know what should happen- but it would be nice if someone could get some social content going OR an UP-TO-DATE thread here on the forum and we will gladly link it.

We have been slowly building up the price painstakingly slow on Grin- perhaps the one we are buidling up is old or something- ANYWAY- an update would be nice, grab this coin that is about to explode on Kucoin (edited- I had typed Bittrex, on too many exchanges lately lol) and DO SOMETHING WITH IT. We will help in anyway we can and hopefully will read more posts as time allows. Super busy between sales and keeping track of crypto.

We have a measly position in Grin so we are not here just to pump. Just want to make sure everyone is aware of the opportunity coming up when bitcoin pulls back- we suspect it will do so this week, if not Monday. That means alts get PUMPED. Yours has started early on Kucoin. Remember, even an update that says an update is coming is NEWS.

Check the initial movement:

I get that the coin is for anonymity - there are still ways to make news. Will be back soon, hope this post does not offend anyone. Not telling what to do- just giving a heads up!

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