0.0003 btc/grin :)

I’m on holidays and would like to get some grin :slight_smile:
tried it a few weeks ago but nobody was interested :disappointed_relieved:
it’s the only crypto project i’m interested in beside bitcoin.
Proposing a “atomic swap” style trade (for your safety) here, you send the grin and post a lightning invoice for the amount sent, i pay you over lightning or the other way around :slight_smile:
overall max ~1 000 000 satoshi for now…
Have a listener running :slight_smile:

Edit: Got some :sunglasses:
But HMU if you are interested, might stack some more …

nobody will send you dick, goto an exchanger e.g kucoin

hmmm dick :drooling_face:
well i can go first too

regarding kucoin, is it a no-kyc exchange where i can send some bits and exchange with as little as a e-mail addy?

gay¿ or a woman. https://www.kucoin.com/ check and download they APP

from another planet you uncreative piece of carbon based lifeform, we freeze human penises and cut them in filmsy slices, garnished with native extra olive oil vergine and some salt.
To procreate my species is doing something you’d call “fuck yourself”.
That’s the reason i have problems with KYC and think p2p is superior, doing the trade in a somewhat atomic swap style also minimizes trust (lightning is practically free to send, assume grin too in it’s infancy now) and bilding a little reputation and engaging with this community might be fun so i thought i’d try it


well, sometimes、僕たまに。it’s okay