We buy your Grin: make us an offer

Hi I am interested in buying Grin directly from sellers, no exchanges.

I have a small amount I was trying to flip but didn’t trigger from low volume


what’s your telegram/discord?

Hi Monkyy… Still have grin for sale? Thanks…

… Still have grin for sale? Thanks… Still have grin for sale? Thanks…

Huh… I do now that you mention it, and it’s on an exchange. I should probably sell that.

I have some Grin for sale, send me a pm
no small trades though

hit me up on telegram @Brian_Donovan

Frooryoyo was not willing to use escrow. Just a warning probably a scam.

There has to be escrow or verification. Should we setup a committee to steer this?

Not scamming, just do not want to be scammed. Verification… why do you even want Grin, everybody is just trying to make some money. Setup committee if you want, but I dont understand why anyone would want to take that risk.

Honestly I was thinking this but this space is really new and people in grin havent made a rep. I’m part of the r cryptocurrency team and might be able to get one the mods there to help out. Other than that it would honestly have to be a dev.

The risk is you fucking them over when u have no reputation. Not that the escrow will fuck u over which yes is a risk but should be lower.

Im part of the r cryptocurrency team so you should believe me :joy:

Im not trying to take any risk selling, just like you guys are trying to lower your risk with an escrow. This only makes the trade more risky for me, and therefore makes no sense to do. I have no reason to trust anyone here, so I guess I’ll just wait for someone willing to take the risk or I’ll keep mining and wait for a reputable exchange. But please don’t call me a scammer if I havent scammed anyone

I’ve handled “trustless” OTC in the past by simply breaking the amount into many small transactions. Your exposure is limited to the size of the TX. Instead of trading 100,000 Grin, just trade 10,000 Grin ten times, making sure to get paid before releasing the next installment.