Monkyyys otc thread

No ones really talking about otc in my market thread; yet I was hoping to collect all market information there. Oh well

Lets get a black list going and people can you just help the market out and say “this grin box address: vcfviwbbnedfoowen followed thru and it went well” even if you leave out names, lets get this sort of thing going

otc is new to me, but given the low volume on bisq I can only assume its been going on in the shadows, stupidly (or the market is even more insane then I thought)

I’m still very much open to trades if the price is right

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Also looking to buy in high volume. Have mods from r cryptocurrency willing to escrow.

We can use Bisq’s multisig and arbitrators for OTC, right?

There doesn’t exist a proof of payment tool for grin yet so any system is either seller focused or exchange like counter party risk

Hopefully we get reputation of sellers going soon, but that’s the state of everything right now.

hey monkyy y i am looking for large buyers of GRIN i have a client who wants to short OTC

would you or any1 you know be interested


As I implied in your main post, I don’t care for the corporate your selling.

I’m not the type of person who plays when legalese comes out, I’m still confused what your doing in this space; this is solidly grey market if you pull in white market shit, the different blood types are more likely to clot then anything else.

When you post a page of legalese of your email sig by technical incompetence via email and assume traders have the magic seal of approval of the white market, well… technical incompetence is a risk i worry about more then actual trust and I don’t have the magic seals.

The risk profile of buying and storing “physical” grin tokens at spot price is much different than that of a long futures contract which expires in 5 months.

my client would prefer a futures contact vs the spot

I also don’t think any speculator wants to take a long right now; the price seems high to most people who seem to be actual speculators and I expect it to go down before up or it could flatline for a year, but either way I don’t want a long position with lawyer risk unless the price is just absurd in which case I want a small position and not a large verified investor scale thing

I’m suggesting a VIP lounge or pop up retail space in NYC where Over-The-Counter GRIN trades are done in person or online.

This link ranks exchanges by blockchain balances none of them seem like longterm safe places for trading if they are all uncertified. Illustrates the current need for GRIN Over-the-Counter.

I sent you a message

That would be cool, I would help put art on the walls.

There are people claiming to want large amounts of GRIN but is that even possible?

I found this about using invoices and wondered if could be a way that could work for OTC request?
If someone wants a large amount over 50 Grin I’m not sure it works currently as an invoice.

Could an invoice for 1000 grin be made and closed by sending several amounts such as 50 at at time, or does the invoice only get closed by the exact amount coming over the listener?

Using invoice

The invoice command reverses the default transaction flow. This allows you as a recipient to specify an amount you expect to be paid and send this over to a particular sender. Once the sender has returned the slate to you, you can then finalize the transaction and broadcast it to the network. This is very useful for merchant related flows. For a related discussion see this forum post.

Issuing invoices

The command works very similar to send. The following command raises a request to be paid 10 grins from @faucet:

wallet713> $ invoice 10 --to @faucet

Paying invoices

Paying inbound payment requests are turned off by default.

Currently, only blindly auto-accepting any inbound invoice from any user is supported. To enable this for an invoice amount that is 50 grin or less, you add the following line to your wallet713.toml configuration file:

max_auto_accept_invoice = 50000000000

More powerful payment flows will be supported in upcoming versions of wallet713.

No, an invoice is like a slate file that the receiver creates, as I understand it.

Word. So if someone wants a thousand GRIN coins I can have them do the leg work and send 20 invoices for 50 Grin & also 20 BTC payments of 0.068964 BTC each.

Just wondering, why is the limit specified in nanogrin? All those zeros would lead to a lot of errors (fat-finger, fat-brain etc)…

Still looking to sell or buy if above market rates

Do you have an opinion on this?

Tank the price now… If Grin is going lower now is the time to get it over with. My thinking is a flash crash would be healthy. Current grin supply will be bought up by grin friends if it goes down below $3 and would make going to $10 more likely.

Essential to Grin price going up would be; Wallets & more coin pairings (Grin/Holo, Grin/EOS, Grin/Qtum, Grin/Dero, Grin/SUQA)