Monkyyys otc thread

what is the problem to buy it on exchange?

Low volume, kyc, trust, waiting, extra fees if it’s in and out, data history.

Low volume - ok, maybe for some one it is a problem.
Other - just create 2 grin wallets, withdraw from exchange to one of them, then create transaction to second. Why not?

Buying grin on a kyc exchange doesn’t go away if you transfer it to a new wallet. The irs would know, or be like “hey fam your money dispeared in an era when we know everything, we have this nice magic paper that says you will tell us want we want to know, btw your supposed to keep records for fucking years and it’s selectively enforced”

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How are you not hurting right now?

Anyone buying grin above $1 is retarded. This s***coin probably won’t make it off the cutting room floor. No early adopter reward means no early adoption, a necessary first step to mass adoption. They can’t even keep developers employed, and there is not even the most rudimentary wallet from when they had funding. It appears to be a dead project for now and a long time to come.

That’s a rather lazy strawman, is that really how I sound?

No, I wasn’t actually thinking of you. It’s not meant to be a parody of you. It’s just random emoting of how I feel. I was focused on politics and vision because that was all that made Grin unique. Otherwise, it’s just another bitcoin. But with the shty exchanges all owned by the same Chinese guy, the changes to make the coin super-ASIC friendly less than two months after the launch of mainnet, the lack of windows or iphone wallets for mass adoption, especially when the same developers have since quit do to no funds - this is looking like an idealistic shicin without a decent exit scheme. It is quickly become known as the nerd’s shi*coin. Also, all the idealistic vision-sharing stuff is a fraud, as we can see they’ll do whatever they want, same as any other coin.

As for you, you just seem naive, looking for the bottom of fictional markets… You just seem like you have a lot of free time on your hands like me and just find this interesting.

PS the computer is editing the dread sicoin to the above words - but I think it can still be read

What does this have to do with Grin?

What changes? Grin being ASIC-friendly has been known since at least last summer.

Windows and iphone wallets are currently being worked on by community members.

You have no idea what you are talking about, right? Who quit? Fund acquistion is an issue especially when all of your income is based on donations but what’s new?

Wrong. You need to do your research. Whether you think it’s a good idea or not, there are other elements to Grin that make it quite different from Bitcoin and in fact, unique, at least at time of mainnet launch.

Where’s your evidence for this? The council that manages the whole project is extremely transparent and invites anyone who cares, to join meetings and contribute.

What developers have quit “do (sic) to no funds”?

Alternatively, you could try answering my questions.

Oh dramas, I do love dramas.

I assumed it was a strawman as you simply incorrect about a great many things. The devs may try to not pay attention to the market side of things and down play it’s importanence but there will be one anyway because they copied proof of work without economic knowledge but that doesn’t matter “method to the madness” it doesn’t actually matter if you understand why you do things, so long as you do the right thing anyway, there will be a price where it’s smart to buy at and the economic changes to satoshis version are mistakes and when you consider they could have improved the system with 10 years of practical knowledge quite silly ones, but it’s still a pow.

They are employing the devs, which is simply a fact.

They have wallets I quite like wallet713, and there are 5ish wallets that are active enough to show up for weekly meetings.

Ive been to the dev meetings and while it’s possible they were a little unconserned with how much money they had to save for the hard part of launch hype to real adoption, to me it sounded like they were being conservative in spending.

The shitty exchanges are facts of life mtgox was the same. I personally lost money to bitfinex incompetence and yet they are still massive for Bitcoin, the existing system is on top for a reason, this shits hard to make work.