Binance Listing

Grin on Binance would be huge

Price, trading volume, etc etc

Binance already backs Grin

In last 24h CZ acknowledged a tweet about Grin on Binance

In listing he posted one of his tips is:

“We require the project founder or CEO to fill out the form. Why? If there ever is a bug with your wallet, a fork or double-spend in your blockchain, we need to talk to a key person.”

Has a core dev / lead from Grin applied for Binance listing?

Grin now has momentum this would be very helpful



binance labs have given grin projects grant money, we are on their radar. but we don’t go out of our way to list. Its a game of chicken, if they want sweet exchange fees they can list it.


One thing that is certain about Binance and GRIN-- Binance is well aware of GRIN. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve awarded grants (or are involved now with) to TWO Grin-related projects. Knockturn Allee and Ironbelly. That shows they are quite in sync with GRIN development. Being that Binance is an exchange whose primary purpose is trading of cryptos, it would make sense that GRIN gets listed soon. I think they’re just waiting for the project to mature more but hey, it could really happy at any time. If I were a betting man, I would guess that GRIN would be listed sometime after the upcoming GRIN hard fork in 3 weeks. That would make the most sense. Once the network upgrade happens, Binance can list GRIN without disruption for the foreseeable future. Just my 2 cents.

binance labs have given grin projects grant money, we are on their radar. but we don’t go out of our way to list. Its a game of chicken, if they want sweet exchange fees they can list it.

I bet someone in the Grin community would volunteer to submit the application – but even so it would require a lead member of the community to sign off on it.

Is this possible?

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If they want to list Grin then they can. Why should we have to bend over and submit an application like they’re some kind of authority.

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hahahhahha perfect! (20 characters)

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IMO, Binance only accepts paid listing, or the coin too big to fail.
See doge, it takes years for them to list.

Binance listed Raven coin after 10 months of mainnet going live for 0 BNB eg for nothing. Raven coin is similar to Grin in being a PoW with no ICO/ premine/ Dev fee. Cz also specifically made comments about how he likes community projects.

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Yupe, I recall CZ saying that.

On another note, shall we try to get listings on exchanges as a community. If we can preferably do it with an agreement that a portion of the fees get donated to the grin foundation that would be awesomer!

What more can we do? We don’t need to shill too hard, when we’re already the cool kid…

Binance labs are funding 2x Grin projects( Knockturnallee & Ironbelly). Plus they’ve now received our formal application. What more could they need?

Coinbase must be well aware as well, since people from there are showing off Grin stickers:

Apparently even people from Google have been ordering Grin stickers:

One of the Gemini core devs has also written medium articles about Grin:

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I think I know just what we need


We can contribute towards other hundreds of exchanges besides Binance, coinbase and Gemini! DUH!

Also you forgot to mention about Layer 1 and Brian Armstrongs other tweet:

Having worked with a few listing teams including Binance, the best way for a coin like this to get listed is utilizing social.

Tag CZ/binance team members in GRIN memes, news, big updates, etc… If the Grin Twitter and general crypto community pushes it, it will accelerate the process.

If Binance sees a social pulse they will be more keen to list – they are VERY in tune with community and what’s happening on social.

The only issue I see is the send/receive is much different than other coins and would require education for their users. The wallet ecosystem is also fairly immature- they are probably waiting for a bit more maturity to come regardless.

Thank you all for your responses.

I agree we and especially prominent devs need to continue to apply GRIN as new listing and make noise on Twitter !!!

The wallet ecosystem is something they’re backing themselves w Ironbelly - and Poloniex has shown good example of how to do send / receive and even makes donations to Grin General Fund.

well done sir, like ur style :sunglasses:

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Thanks! If for some reason this application doesn’t work, I’m considering writing/recording a Boy’s to Men inspired 90’s R&B a capella love song called ‘pls list grin’ to help persuade them.

I think you’re very off the money here. Cz would have loved our listing application. It probably moved us to the top of his list.

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You know we can still see your posts after you delete them :laughing:

Patience is a virtue.