Price Movements/Analysis

A thread to discuss the price… grin pairs like grin/btc, grin/usd. Please state which exchange is being used for reference or include screencaptures.

Current on TradeOgre is 301/308 sat bid/ask. Stated as $0.06789.
Price is at a point (285-315 sat) visited several times since the start of 2022. Volume today under 1kUSD.

Could see a test of 280 down to 265-255 sat range on TradeOgre. Also need to observe how the BTC, ETH, & broader crypto market decide to move.

290 sat, with thin support to the 260’s.

Tested the 290s under 300, spiked to 330 now will 300 hold…? TradeOgre

280 sat was respected August 1 between 5-7am UTC - although with 300 as a possible ceiling now, let’s see after this range has had it’s time in the 290s.

Why don’t you try presenting a weekly or monthly chart of grin fluctuations? I think it is better…

Agreed. Similar to how publishes weekly TA reports:

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For me, TA is quite non-sense for grin at the moment, as we’re still in low-cap position and easily manipulated.


Appreciate the feedback, @coolwhip and the site. I’m active enough that I can follow on the daily so I may as well keep track in this way. I’ll see how it goes.

Perhaps so but at the same time I enjoy witnessing the movements of TA. It is manipulated as with BTC, so it’s non-sense alround :wink: tbf… Anyway, let’s see how this develops.

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Basically we’re still at the 300 sat range, with some soft 290’s testing and twice to 280 since 22 July (support?), now with TradeOgre adding a solid 0.1 BTC buy wall at that same price point.

Buy wall at 297 sat with 32 kgrin ready to be bought. No chart movement in a certain direction or the other yet.

10% wick movement a few hours ago (happened in a few minutes). A quarter of a BTC volume on TradeOgre; breaking down to the low 260’s (263) from 305. In a minute it was back to 290, where price remained for a few hours, and now sits in the mid-high 290’s between 279/305 bid/ask zones with a few hundred $ worth on either side of the order-book.

Still on T.O. price tested the upper 280 sats region; we’re coming up on two days since the wick to 263. Range from previous note remains valid, with what followed an upper-280s-retest being a wick to 308 followed by lower-volume drop to 287 with ‘respected support’ 288 six hours later; finally a climb to 298 (low volume) bringing us to present.

Depth: 6 kgrin (0.0169 btc) / 4.5k grin (0.0135 btc) on either side of the order-book bid / ask. $ value at 0.06751. August 8/9 volumes in btc: 0.314 / 0.085.

300 sat is looking to be a pivotal zone: first visited end-February this year and price passed by at that range coming on 10 times depending how you see it. As it stands, we are underneath it now.

Updates slipped my mind. Oh well, all the more to write about. Incoming post.

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