Heads up: grin arbitrage

I got my grin off poloniex which took me weeks of emails btw.
Never trusting poloniex with that shit again.
Any way I opened an account with gate.io
They have a nice app and website and their alt coin markets seem good.
Checking the global market tab it seems that hitbtc has a high price on grin but be warned I read that hitbtc have a bad reputation so seller beware.
Can any one confirm if grin is actually 0.44$ there cause it’s an easy swing trade from buying at 27c for me if it’s true

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Great, nice that you got your funds back

Could you ask Gate.io if they will support slatepacks next HF in January?

Seems accurate. But I don’t see how you would take advantage of it when they don’t allow grin deposits, which is exactly the reason this arb exists.

Ah rip
I didn’t realise you couldn’t deposit on the exchange.
Very strange.
Sorry for the false alarm, I was under the impression you could deposit and withdraw there.