Moving GRIN out of HITBTC

I bought 800 GRIN more than a year ago using the HITBTC exchange. I have since been notified that HITBTC no longer will serve US residents. I would like to move GRIN out of HITBTC. This statement has displayed on my GRIN account in HITBTC since April 2020: “Withdrawals for this cryptocurrency are offline. Please refer to the System Monitor page for updates.” I sent three messages to HitBTC asking what they meant by being ‘offline’ but received no responses from them.

With no response from HITBTC, I am not sure how to withdraw my GRIN. And if I could withdraw it, then I am not sure where to store it. Do you have any suggestions for someone who is not very technical.

Thank you!


Unfortunately Hitbtc has a bad reputation if goes about costumer care. I would advice you to swap them to another coin you can get off the exchange. Then use one of the exchanges listed in Active Exchanges

HITBTC only has Deposit and Withdraw as the only two options shown. No option to swap GRIN to another crypto.

Does something need to happen on GRIN’s end to deal with GRIN being ‘offline’ at HITBTC?


No it’s not really Grins fault. They could get http transactions or slatepack up and running within no time.

I would request them on several channels that your Grin is stuck and that you really want to get it out of the exchange.

Send also this link with some explanation how to work slatepack.

Why not sell, btc/grin good price on HITBTC cc 0.45 and whithdraw BTC sent to gate or bitforex or hotbit buy 1000+ grin and good jobe.

He said he couldn’t trade it. Don’t know if Hitbtc has trading active.

aaa sorry… now seee