Grin withdraw on Kucoin

Anyone know when we will be able to withdraw grin from Kucoin?

Never it is 100% ))))).

At the current marketcap it is not worth their time.

So what should one do if they want their grins?

Probably sell and buy somewhere else. There is not much incentive for them to fix the situation.

Actually Kucoin was always one of the exchanges that allowed withdrawals. They only stopped since their hack.

Unfortunately, your best bet right now would be to convert back to another coin and buy at a different exchange (Bitforex, MXC both allow withdrawals and have decent volume).

I just bought some grin at Bitforex and have technical problems to withdraw. On the bitforex website I need to add a Withdrawal Address. I tried adding the http://[…] from my grin++ wallet (GrinPlusPlus-1.1.3.AppImage) but that doesn’t work. Is any other wallet compatible with Bitforex?