Withdrawal from Bitforex

I can’t withdraw GRIN from bitfolex to my wallet
Can you help me withdraw GRIN from BitForex?

I don’t think they have had deposit/withdraw support for some time now. Best option would be direct contact with their support and they may accommodate your transaction. FYI at the moment the most supportive exchanges with Grin are gate.io, tradeogre, and bisq. Kucoin reported that they were working on opening transactions but I don’t think they have made any changes yet or if they even will considering it’s been a while since that report with no change made

Bitforex shows that Withdrawal-Function is available. Maybe the transaction failed because the wallet was not online in the moment where the withdrawal was actually happening. Your coins should be accounted back to your account and you can try again. Withdrawing Grin can be flimsy on Bitforex, i have several failed transactions which all got through at second or third try.

Thank you for your answer. Tell me how you make the withdrawal . The wallet has been launched. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

just don’t use bitforex, use tradeogre

The question is not which exchange to use. need to withdraw from bitforex